Warzone anti-cheat makes players invulnerable to cheaters damage

21-02-2022, 07:42
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The creators of Call of Duty: Warzone have updated the methods of RICOCHET anticheat. Video with a demonstration of the system in action was published on Twitter.

The creators of "Battle Royale" added a new feature to protect against the well-known Aimbot, which is aimed at the body or head of the enemy. Now cheaters will not be able to shoot at the models of ordinary players - they will become invisible in the eyes of intruders after the first shots. In this way normal players will be able to counter cheaters.

Previously the creator of the forbidden software for Call of Duty, based on the neural network, refused to distribute and develop the project after the request of Activision. The technology on which he was working, allowed to recognize player models on the screen and aim at them, without interfering with the configuration of the Title. This made it possible to use the cheat on consoles. In addition, it was difficult to prove the use of such a cheat.

The RICOCHET anticheat was presented on October 13th. Initially it appeared in the shooter Call of Duty: Vanguard, and then it was added to the "Battle Royale". Earlier, Activision filed a lawsuit against the website selling cheats for the Call of Duty series of games. In addition, the company seeks compensation for each case of violation of the U.S. laws.



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