Roblox Saber Simulator Scripts

Roblox Saber Simulator Scripts
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Saber Simulator
7-03-2022, 07:55
Published: Vanced
29 September 2022 08:40

When playing Roblox, there are many modes that are fun to play. Naturally, many of them are perfectly executed, allowing you to play them for more than one day. Laser Sword Simulator is also no exception, as you can really do many things in this mode.

The main goal is in front of you and you follow it during the game. But don't think it's that simple. You're not playing alone on the map. Other players are playing with you, who have exactly the same goal. Someone will kill - do not despair, you will reappear. You can also kill other players and you, it is not prohibited by the server.

There is also a small "king of the mountain" mode where you have to climb the mountain and hold your position there. Easy, you say? You'd be wrong. It is when you are on the mountain that you become the favorite target of your opponents. You can be killed by anyone. That's why you need to hold the mountain for a long time. Thanks to this you get additional points for pumping.

The mode is not too difficult, but sometimes you will have to sweat a lot to get to the mountain. Thus, the mode contains one mini mode and visually resembles a jock simulator, where your tasks are exactly the same.

The scripts in Saber Simulator will give you an advantage over your enemies, because you will have access to features such as AutoFarm, Farm Strength, Auto Sell and others. You can download scripts for Saber Simulator for free from our website.

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How to use Saber Simulator script

  1. Copy the necessary script from this page.
  2. Download any exploit you like and follow the his instructions.

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  1. okayimjustakid
    8 March 2022 05:02

    thanks for the script now i dont have to grind 1 hours a day