Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator Scripts

Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator Scripts
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Bubble Gum Simulator
9-04-2022, 00:20
Published: Vanced
29 September 2022 08:40

Runway Rumble introduced a new mode in 2018. The game will appeal to a younger audience of players, in a virtual world, participants battle for the best world record in bubble gum inflation.

Users enter a colorful map where they must complete interesting tasks using a bubble of tasty gum. Regular gum costs 900 coins, while the store sells super versatile gum for 1,200. In the initial stages, a character can collect coins by flying in outer space, inflating an ever-larger balloon. By completing tasks correctly, participants in the virtual competition can get to higher levels.

The adventure begins after gamers inflate the first balloon, trying to jump to the clouds. Bubble Gum Simulator is very similar to everyone's favorite Pet Simulator. Users can get unique furry favorites by opening colorful testicles. All the gummies differ in taste, the more goodies the participant accumulates, the sooner he will go to conquer the mysterious galaxies.

The bubbles are exchanged for coins in the virtual store. You can also collect gems by unlocking hidden ones around the perimeter of the Gum Simulator mode. To improve your character's abilities you need to buy various small pets. By upgrading the animals, participants increase the speed of movement, the height of jumping. To not waste time on pumping in Bubble Gum Simulator, we advise you to download free working scripts from our website, with features such as Farm Bubble, Auto Sell, Teleport you play will be much easier. You can see the full list of features in the screenshots below.

Bubble Gum Simulator Script

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