Anime Dimensions Simulator Codes (April 2022)

Anime Dimensions Simulator Codes (April 2022)
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Anime Dimensions Simulator
7-04-2022, 00:23
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21 April 2024 13:35

This type of mode for Roblox was introduced by developer Albatross Games back in mid-2021. Since then, it has been visited more than 350 million times. This number is only going to increase, which shows exactly how relevant the codes for Anime Dimensions Simulator are!

Anime Dimensions Simulator Codes List

In order to become more profitable with such a game, it is advisable to use special code words. They provide access to certain benefits and resources that were not originally available. The list of these is as follows:

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About Anime Dimensions Simulator

Such a game invites users to immerse themselves in a long journey. It will take place in a giant universe, which is filled with different creatures that have unique abilities. Of course, it is not without the features of the classic Roblocks simulators: you will have to improve your skills, and you will have to do it constantly. 

So there is no point in this game, except to explore new territories and constant improvement of his hero from the anime.

Where do I enter the codes?

To do this, you need to click on the Twitter icon, which is located in the left corner of the screen. Then a special window appears where you need to enter the phrase, get the result.

Where can I find new codes for Anime Dimensions Simulator?

They can appear on any day of the week. Therefore, it is advisable to keep up-to-date by referring to videos on YouTube, the developer's social networks, and, of course, thematic resources.

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