Military Tycoon Roblox Codes (April 2022)

Military Tycoon Roblox Codes (April 2022)
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Military Tycoon
7-04-2022, 00:27
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29 September 2022 08:40

Military Tycoon was introduced to the Roblox public back in 2021. Infinite Interactive studio is responsible for the release. Their project has already been visited more than 83 million times. This number is only increasing, which makes the codes for Military Tycoon relevant now and in the near future!

Military Tycoon Codes List

Right now, there are several code words that are worth using to get initial resources. They will simplify the process of getting acquainted with this game, which is worth actively using. The list with them may have the following form:

  • 400klikes — Redeem for Credits (NEW)
  • 24ktank — 50k Credits
  • missiletruck — Redeem for 150k Credits
  • 300klikes — Redeem for 75k Credits

This is what a basic list of code words looks like that are worth actively using to get new resources and opportunities.

About Military Tycoon

This game invites users to participate in an escape on a variety of maps. It will be necessary to escape from opponents who have at their disposal weapons and other weapons. What will have to do? It is necessary to move along a certain path, gradually building a military base, to protect their lives. By the way, for the latter, weapons are used. His ammunition should be used as intelligently as possible: the number is limited. Therefore, not everyone will be able to reach the end.

Where do I enter the codes?

To activate this list of codes, it is recommended that you press the Checkmark Code key. This button can be found on the right side of the screen. Then a special window will appear where you need to insert the selected phrase and get the result.

Where can I find new codes for Military Tycoon?

They can appear on a regular basis. It all depends on the developer's wishes. So you need to keep track of them. How? For example, you should refer to Infinite Interactive's social networks, various videos on Youtube and thematic projects on the Internet. These are the most reliable sources that are still worth updating.

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