Roblox Grand Piece Online Guide and Codes

Roblox Grand Piece Online Guide and Codes
1-04-2022, 01:16
Published: Vanced
29 September 2022 08:40

Grand Piece Online is one of the One Piece playsets in Roblox. It has awesome optimization, a lot of features and areas of activity. Of the minuses of course the cost, as the game itself is paid. Perhaps soon the developers will make it free, but now play it may only those who have in their pocket extra Roebucks.

Roblox Grand Piece Online Guide

In the game you can buy a shovel and dig gardens, getting gold at the beginning of the game, you can collect planks and fix your ship, you can climb walls, you can participate in sea battles. In the seas are sharks that can eat fresh flesh. The playa has cool and original emotions with appropriate sound accompaniment. And the highlight on the cake is of course fighting games. In some places, of course, they are still raw, but it's not a stupid grindrilka like 99% of the other modes of Roblocks. Take at least the fighting styles, if you do not have race Minka you can not use the Electro fighting style. In addition to this races can change signs.

How to get fruit in Grand Piece Online

There are two main ways to get fruit in Grand Piece Online. The methods differ both in difficulty and in the time you will need to spend in order to get your fruit.

Farming ships

This method can take you a very long time before you pick the fruit. But if you like to take out enemy ships and you feel like a real sea wolf this way will do you good. The fruit doesn't fall very often so be patient.


Dungeons are the easiest way to get fruit at the moment in the game. You will get a guaranteed fruit after 25 waves, and you will need to do the most damage among all players. After that, it is necessary to specifically die from the NPS and after that you get a random fruit. Of the minuses it is worth noting that it is better to go through dunge with a partner, or a team, as to beat the bosses alone is simply impossible.

Grand Piece Online Map

The game is quite difficult to navigate at first. That is why it is best to study the map well, and even better to print it out and keep it in a prominent place.

Roblox Grand Piece Online Codes

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